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Why Adding AdSense to Your Site Can Actually Cost You Money

Many bloggers and online business owners make money with their sites by selling advertising. Google’s AdSense is a popular program for selling advertising, as it connects businesses from all niches with site owners and pays per performance (number of clicks), allowing site owners with a lot of traffic to make a nice passive income.

At least that’s the idea.

Many site owners never make significant income from AdSense — or any income at all. You have to have thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of visitors to your site to make real income from the program.

Not only do most site owners never make any notable income from AdSense, but many actually lose money by adding the program to their site.

Here’s how:

It Creates Page Leaks

Suppose that your AdSense campaign is successful. People are clicking your ads, and you are collecting revenue. What’s actually happening? You are losing customers. Your readers are leaving your page.

AdSense contributes to a higher bounce rate, which means that your readers aren’t spending more time looking around your site and learning more about your content, your products and services, or your opt-in e-mail list.

Every time a reader leaves your site, you are losing out on a potential sale or e-mail subscriber. Not only are your customers not spending their money with you, but you are also losing out on the opportunity to collect their e-mails for potential future sales. The few cents (or, if you’re lucky, dollars) that you collect on each of your ad clicks is only a fraction of what you could be making on your own sales or e-mail marketing.

It Cuts Into Affiliate Earnings

If your customers must leave your page, it should at least be more profitable for you. Commissions on affiliate products are much more profitable than revenue from ad clicks.

When your site visitors are leaving to look at advertising, you are missing out on opportunities to make an affiliate commission. This could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.

Put your focus where it counts: On promoting affiliate marketing and your own products and services. The profit margin will be much higher in the long run, and it will help you to be successful even when you experience ebbs in traffic.

It Makes Your Page Look Spammy

You only have a few seconds (if you’re lucky) to make a first impression on your blog or website. Your content and your page design should be what pulls your readers in to stay longer and learn more about your company. However, if you’re page is plastered with AdSense advertising, many readers are likely to form a negative impression, thinking that your site is overly spammy, and will leave.

Your page should offer useful information for readers — it shouldn’t be focused on selling them something. Though your end goal is to clear a profit for your site, you won’t be successful if it seems like you’re only interested in making a sale. Too much AdSense can convey that message and alienate readers. Promoting affiliate products or your own products and services, on the other hand, can be done more subtly and can be integrated with the information on the page.

Selling AdSense on your blog or website is a short-term solution that can pose long-term problems. You may make money in the short term as your readers begin to click through on your ads, but you will lose much more money in the long term as you lose readers and miss out on opportunities to sell affiliate products and your own products and services and to build your e-mail marketing list.

Have you included AdSense on your blog or website? Tell us how it has impacted your bottom line in the comments!

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