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10 Reasons Why Your Web Design Sucks

badwebdesign-300x253When someone visits your site, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. Visitors make a snap judgement about you and your products based on what they see there. Make the wrong impression, and your visitors will leave and won’t come back. You miss out on the opportunity to make a sale and the opportunity to win over a loyal customer.

Creating a professional-looking website requires much more than installing a Word Press theme and uploading some flashy graphics. Not sure if your website is up to snuff? Here are 10 reasons why your web design might suck:

There are Too Many Fonts

Using a different font for your headline, your banners, your menus, and your body text? You have too many! You should only have one — or a maximum of two — fonts on your site for a cleaner and more streamlined look.

Too Many Colors

Like fonts, too many different colors can make your site look too busy and chaotic. Be sure to choose a simple and complimentary color palette to accentuate — not distract from — your content.

Color choice is just as important as the number of colors you choose, as garrish colors can make your site look cartoonish and clunky.

Busy Backgrounds

A simple background — usually just a plain color — is all you need to create a professional and clean look for your site. Repeating images, flash animation, and bright backgrounds can make it hard to navigate your site or to even read your text.

Bad Photos

Your site needs strong visuals to draw readers in to your page. If your photos are boring, poorly rendered, or to small or blurry to see, readers will think your site is poorly designed and that your product or service will be equally poor in quality.

Choose sharp, professional, and compelling photos to illustrate your blog posts and pages.

Not Enough White Space

What you leave out of your web design is just as important as what you put in, in some cases. White space — or the absence of text and graphic elements — can help break up sections of your site and make your content easier to read and navigate.

The right use of white space can also highlight certain elements of your site and make a bold design statement.

Flash Animation

Flash intros and other animations used to be all the rage in web design. Now, most users see them as intrusive and a waste of time.

Flash also doesn’t play on all browsers or devices (such as smart phones). Skip the flash and focus on content instead.

Background Music

Have you ever been browsing the web then opened a tab and heard loud music come blaring out of your speakers or headphones? What did you do when you heard it? Chances are you closed the site and didn’t go back.

Background music is annoying and intrusive, and most users won’t visit your site if it has it.

Horizontal Overflow

Most websites are created to be 1024px resolution. If your site is created to be larger than your user’s computer screen, a horizontal scrollbar will appear at the bottom of the screen, and much of your content will be cut off. Most users won’t bother to scroll to see the rest of your content.

Make sure all your content fits on one page for any user who comes to your site so you don’t lose any traffic.

Slow Loading Times

The longer visitors have to wait to get the information they want from your site, the more likely they are to leave your site and not come back. Make sure that all your graphics and photos are optimized for fast load times. There are also plug-ins and coding elements you can use to ensure that the rest of your page content loads quickly.

No Clear Contact Form

Many blog owners make it difficult, if not impossible, for readers to figure out how to contact them. The e-mail is either hidden away on the bottom of a rambling “about” page, or it’s tucked inside an image or amidst some symbols.

Make it easy for your readers or your customers to contact you by putting your e-mail address in a place that’s easy to find right on your home page.

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