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10 Elements Your Web Design Must Have

webdesign-300x225Your web design can make or break your online marketing. Good web design can attract new leads, drive conversions, and keep your customers coming back again and again to develop a long-term relationship and lead to repeat sales. Bad web design can bore or alienate your customers, driving them away and costing you business.

A professional web design company like Apto Hosting can ensure that your web design has all the elements it needs to drive sales and build relationships with your customers. Here are the 10 elements that your web design must have to be successful:

Clear Branding

When visitors land on your page, they should be able to recognize your brand right away.

This can be accomplished through a prominent logo, as well as design elements that show off the personality and values that your brand represents. For example, if you have a toy company, your web design should be light and fun, using bright colors and quirky fonts. If you have a consulting service, your design should use strong colors and simple fonts that convey a sense of professionalism.

Every element of your web design should come together to highlight your company’s brand so that customers understand what your business is all about and can quickly recognize your products and services wherever they may see them.


Consistency is a part of clear branding. Fonts, colors, and other design elements should all work together to create the image you want for your business.

Consistency also creates a more professional look for any web site and improves the user experience. Inconsistency creates a site that looks messy and is difficult to navigate.

Easy Navigation

Customers should be able to find any information they need on your site quickly and easily. If your customers have to look for the information, they are more likely to just leave your site and look elsewhere for it.

Ensure that your site is easy to use through elements such as drop-down menus, clear labels, and a clean interface. The navigation should be intuitive. In other words, your menu should include clear headers that contain the expected information.


In web design, less is more. Too many elements on your page can clutter your design and make it harder for your customers to navigate or to find the information they need. Resist the impulse to include too many flashy graphical elements, too many different colors, and too many fonts.

Pare down your design so that the focus is on your branding and your messaging. Highlight the most important features so you can have a bigger impact and make a stronger sales pitch.

Strong Landing Page

Your landing page may be the only page your visitors ever see. For many websites, this is the home page. Make the most of the opportunity to draw visitors into your site and to drive sales by creating a strong landing page.

Your landing page should be visually compelling, and it should make a strong sales pitch. You may only have a few seconds to draw visitors in when they land on your page — make sure you seize that opportunity.

Strong “About” Page

One of the most frequently visited pages on any website is the “about” page. Your visitors want to learn more about your company, and this is the place to tell them. Your page should tell your visitors about your company history, why you are a leader in your field, and what makes you unique in what you have to offer your customers.

A strong “about” page can help you make the sale, and it can encourage your customers to explore the rest of your site to learn more about your products and services, hopefully leading to sales.

Useful Content

Encourage your visitors to return again and again to your site by offering them useful content. If your site is one big advertisement for your products and services, your customers are only likely to return when they need to purchase. However, if your content offers them useful information and solutions to their problems, they are likely to return to your site frequently — and perhaps make a purchase, even if they had not intended to do so.

Including a steady supply of useful content on your site also helps you to gain Google’s favor, helping you to rank your site higher in search results.

Call to Action

Your visitors often need you to tell them what you want them to do. Want them to buy your new product? Ask them to. Want them to sign up for your e-mail newsletter, or leave comments on your blog, or follow you on Facebook or Twitter? Just ask.

A call to action is a powerful suggestion that can push your customers into doing what you would like them to do. Don’t expect them to be moved by your testimonials or claims about how great your product is. Make your intentions clear and ask them to act.

E-mail Subscription

Making a sale certainly helps your bottom line. But finding ways to make sales over and over again can help you ensure the long-term success of your company. Building a strong e-mail list can help you do that by building long-term relationships with your customers and developing a database of leads to tap anytime you have a product or service to promote.

Be sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to build an e-mail list by including sign-up forms on every page of your site. Make the forms prominent and easy to use to ensure the greatest number of leads.

Clear Contact Information

This one should be obvious, but it’s surprising how many websites bury or omit their contact information from their site. Include your e-mail or phone number on every page of your site — perhaps through a link in the header or footer. Make this clear and easy to find.

Failing to make your contact information easy to find can put you at risk of losing sales. If your site visitors can’t get in touch with you to ask questions about your product, or to make special requests, then they are likely to leave your site and not return — and you lose out on potential sales.

Your web design is a critical component of your online success — and perhaps the success of your company. Ensure that your website has these 10 essential elements and you will see your sales soar.

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